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Gebo Liquid Clean

Cleaner for heating systems, removes rust, calcium carbonate and dirt Article no.  



2 liters


1. Open thermostatic valves fully.

2. Determine the volume of water in the heating system – see below “Water volume in heating systems”.

3. Dumping the heating water of the heating system.

4. Refill the heating system with fresh water and add Liquid Clean (1 liter of Gebo Clean per 100 liters of water) – see below “Dosing instructions”.

5. The temperature of 50 ° C should not be pass during the exposure time (The circulation pump has to work).

6. Emptying the whole heating system after 2-4 days.

7. Rinse the heating system and after that refill it with fresh water.

Liquid Clean eliminates the effects of liquid sealants and therefore not usable at the same time! Already existing sealed leakage are not impaired by the use of Liquid Clean. It is recommended to install a strainer in the system runback to catch the sludge. It is possible that the cleaning process must be repeated for heavily silted up systems.

Water volume in heating system for Gebo Liquid


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