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Brass sealing and tapping clamps

Areas of application:

Sealing and tapping clamps made of brass for copper pipe: Copper pipes conforming DIN EN 1057 hard R290 and soft R220.

Typical areas of application for the sealing clamp:

– Sealing of holes and cracks caused by mechanical damage in water pipes

– Sealing of compressed air pipes (only oil-free compressed air)

– Sealing of corrosion holes in water pipes


Typical areas of application for the tapping clamp:

– Tapping clamps for drinking water pipelines for additional branches

– Tapping clamps for heating pipes for additional branches


All metal materials used are according to German guideline for metallic materials in contact with drinking water.




Heating water: up to 90 °C; water: up to 25 °C


to seal holes, cracks, porous spots

For copper pipes 10 – 70 mm:

Pressure stages:

Water max. PN 10

Type MD available in the following diameters:


outlet with female thread

For copper pipes 15 – 54 mm:

Pressure stages:

Water max. PN 10

Type MB available in the following measurements:


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