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gebounifix Maxi Box

About our Maxi Box:

The concept works like this: Repair various outside pipe diameters by connecting the various sections contained in the Maxi Box.

Tip: Using the content of two Maxi Boxes you can also repair pipes up to an outside pipe diameter of 1086 mm. And the box even has enough space to hold twice its content.

Suitable for:

Steel pipe,
Cast iron pipe,
Ductile cast iron pipe,
Fibre cement pipe

Cold water area:

PE pipe,
PVC pipe


The Seal is available as EPDM for water or NBR for gas. It features honeycombed structure and bevelled end

Item no.: (with NBR seal)
Item no.: (with EPDM seal)

Maxi Box XL

Content Maxi Box XL:

Stainless steel clamps gebounfix Maxi

  • 1x Maxi 90-98mm (section A)
  • 1x Maxi 111-121mm (section B)
  • 1x Maxi 131-141mm (section C)
  • 1x Maxi 160-170mm (section D)
  • 1x Maxi 190-200mm (section E)

How it works:
Take the outside diameter of the damaged pipe. Select the right combination of the stainless steel band (according to the table) and hook them into. Mount it – done !


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