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About our Maxi:

They are suitable for sealing water- or gas-bearing pipes (Caution: for gas-bearing pipes outside of buildings only).

Our stainless steel sealing clamps are made of 100% stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A) similar to AISI 304 and are suitable for the quick and permanent repair of broken, fractured or porous pipes. For applications requiring a higher resistance (wastewater treatment plants, chemical industry, increased chloride content) we also offer the Maxi in V4A stainless steel.

The bolts are also welded onto the clamp, so that only the stainless steel bridge is movable. So during installation it is never necessary to remove elements of the stainless steel sealing clamps. This way no parts will be lost during installation.

Sealing clamps are made of EPDM for water or NBR for gas (DIN DVGW) accredited.

Suitable for:

  • Steel pipe
  • Cast iron pipe
  • Ductile cast iron pipe
  • Fibre cement pipe

For cold water area only :

  • PE pipe and PVC pipe


Water to 90 °C, Gas –5 to +50 °C

Maxi 1

Maxi 2

Maxi 3

Maxi with threaded outlet

Maxi with flange connection