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minigebo Serie 303 – Messing mit Außengewinde

Quick Installation:

The adapter is designed for the installation with the help of an Allen key or suitable bit screwdriver. The work with bulky pressing pliers, water pump pliers or similar becomes obsolete. The compact adapters can be tightened comfortably, space-savingly and handily using two screws on the head of the minigebo.

Application area:

Installation for drinking water hot&cold

Benefits on point:

  • No more tedious and nerve-racking repair work on radiators and drinking water pipes.
  • Repair on tightly installed water pipes is made possible without any problems
  • No welding or thread cutting necessary
  • The connectors are suitable for connecting pipes with smooth ends. The connection is tension and shear resistant. The pipe connectors are intended for a one-time installation.
  • A DVGW type examination certificate has been issued for Series 303 on the basis of DVGW Code of Practice W534 (Brass pipe fittings for drinking water installation systems for cold water in conjunction with hot-dip galvanized steel pipes to DIN EN 10255).
  • In addition, the durability of the product was separately proven by a successfully passed temperature cycling test.
  • Tested and approved for permanent use.


drinkingwater according to DIN 2000


Suitable for cold (+25°C) and hot (+70°C) water applications


For steel pipes according to DIN EN 10255 and DIN EN 10220 Series 1

Series 303 21,3 – 33,7 mm:


with external thread

Pressure stages:

max. 10 bar

Series 303 is available in the following sizes:


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