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Multigebo with adjustable length
Compression fitting with length adjustment for repairs in installed pipelines or for simple connection of two different Multilayer pipes

Multigebo can be used for:

  • Repair of drinking water pipes (hot + cold)
  • Repair of water bearing heating systems
  • Installation in walls and floors – observe installation guidelines! Apply corrosion protection and ensure expansion compensation!
  • Working pressure 10 bars (20 °C) / 6 bars (70 °C)
  • max. Temperature up to 95 °C

Brass material and gaskets fulfill the newest hygienic requirements for drinking water.

14 x 14 mm

Art.No: 14.320.02.14KIT

16 x 16 mm

article number: 14.320.02.16KIT

17 x 17 mm:

Art.No: 14.320.02.17KIT

20 x 20 mm

Art.No: 14.320.02.20KIT

25/26 x 25/26 mm

Art.No: 14.320.02.25KIT

32 x 32 mm

Art.No: 14.320.02.32KIT


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